Some Thoughts…

by benignjamin

I should be writing more of my thoughts. This is for therapeutic purposes, after all. My liver being mostly shot, I do need something to elevate the spirit. I love spirits (alcohol). I have calculated the number of Beers I have drunk over my lifetime. The estimated number is 93,600. This is over a 30 year period with around 5 years of combined periods of sobriety.
Add to that about 12 pounds of pot.
I am now going the route of natural herbs for relaxation like Valerian Root, Chamomile, and Passion Flower. These I make into tea as well as take extracts. These are wonderful for anxiety, stress and help promote restful sleep. When I was drinking, I didn’t know who to fall asleep, I only knew how to pass out.
Also I am ingesting large amount of dark chocolate. Cacao elevates the mood. ( that’s why I have dedicated a special page here in the Garden for that wonderful plant.)

Advice to self…Shaman heal thy self…